[WriteLog] W5XD Keyer

Curt Nixon cptcurt at flash.net
Sat Oct 18 10:39:23 EDT 2014

GM All:

I am running one of the W1AW/8 operations this week and am using 
Writelog for the first time logging CW.  All is working well with 
macro's, keyer etc EXCEPT:

The W5XD Multi-Keyer 1100 is giving me fits when using the paddle for 
fills.  I note that the WL overview indicates iambic operation. I am 
exclusively a single paddle op and wonder if that is the reason for the 
extra elements, missed elements and generally erratic output.  Users of 
the Kenwood TS2000 all have a similar problem with single paddle keying 
to the extent that we need to just use an outboard keyer.

It is mildly better at speeds of 18 and below but if I go up, it gets 
unusable.  I have cleaned the keyer contacts, re-made and short, 
shielded cable, etc with no help.  Same whether RF is on or off.

It keys perfectly from the PC however.

Anyone else note this issue?  Any solutions?  Is there any .INI setting 
to set single paddle use?



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