[WriteLog] WL for Win7

Dave Marshall via WriteLog writelog at contesting.com
Wed Feb 25 23:11:25 EST 2015

Does the latest version of WL do a clean install with Win 7??  I have V11.06 with the upgrade to V11.12.  This worked great with XP and I have used WL for several years, upgrading when appropriate. But since moving to Win 7 a couple of months ago I can't get it running.
I use MMTTY, which works fine by its self, but WL only works receiving.  I can copy fsk thru the MMTTY engine  into WL and it will key the transmitter, but no data through the DTR line.
I'm using  fsk through a rigblaster advantage, into the fsk input of a Kenwood TS-950. I started out using the TTY interface from AA5AU's page, several years ago.
I have the extfsk.dll, the mmtty V13, and the 168A eng.  I used all of those before with win XP with no trouble, but now I'm lost.  I've installed and uninstalled WL and everything else so many times now I don't know where I am.  I would like to wipe it all out and start over if there is a new version that will run with my suspect expertise.
I am limited on the time I have here, so it may take a day or two for my response.

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