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I think if you bought the latest version you will get a link to download a
file which will install the latest version without need for any updates.
The registration information which will be also provided in the email will
work with updates for the next year.

Hope that helps. I can't think of any other way to answer your query as
there are not too many specifics provided.

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On Feb 26, 2015 12:12 AM, "Dave Marshall via WriteLog" <
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> Does the latest version of WL do a clean install with Win 7??  I have
> V11.06 with the upgrade to V11.12.  This worked great with XP and I have
> used WL for several years, upgrading when appropriate. But since moving to
> Win 7 a couple of months ago I can't get it running.
> I use MMTTY, which works fine by its self, but WL only works receiving.  I
> can copy fsk thru the MMTTY engine  into WL and it will key the
> transmitter, but no data through the DTR line.
> I'm using  fsk through a rigblaster advantage, into the fsk input of a
> Kenwood TS-950. I started out using the TTY interface from AA5AU's page,
> several years ago.
> I have the extfsk.dll, the mmtty V13, and the 168A eng.  I used all of
> those before with win XP with no trouble, but now I'm lost.  I've installed
> and uninstalled WL and everything else so many times now I don't know where
> I am.  I would like to wipe it all out and start over if there is a new
> version that will run with my suspect expertise.
> I am limited on the time I have here, so it may take a day or two for my
> response.
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