[WriteLog] P49X Prefill file & Message Info for ARRLRTTYRoundup today

Rich rwnewbould at comcast.net
Thu Jan 8 13:34:05 EST 2015

Since this message is via email.  I want to point out I am not being a 
smart &??.  Your points have validity, however where do you draw the 
line on OUTSIDE assistance?

Did some one help you put up your antenna?
Did you finance your any of your stations equipment?
Did some one bring you food or drink during the contest?
Did you buy cable with connectors or did you put them on?
Contesting software can tell you what mults you need, an so on.

You get my point.  I believe the only way to reasonably define OUTSIDE 
assistance is a device or method that tells you DURING the contest what 
freq a particular station is currently using.  Whether that be by 
cluster, a text message, a phone call and so on.

There was a very good conversation regarding this matter a Contest Univ 
a few years back.

As I said in the first line,  I am just pointing out that you can expand 
the OUTSIDE assistance to many many topics.

Have a great day


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