[WriteLog] Fw: MMTTY, Navigator and Writelog.

Mike Streeter via WriteLog writelog at contesting.com
Sat Jan 10 10:42:23 EST 2015


 Subject: MMTTY, Navigator and Writelog.
 I have read as much as I can but have not been able to find any information on this specific matter. I am in process of setting up an SO2R station. My original station has operated for quite a few years using an Icom 746, Navigator and Writelog with the MMTTY plug in. I recently acquired an Elecraft K3 and have moved the Navigator and Writelog  over to it. That setup is working well.Now, I have purchased a second Navigator from Timewave, and they have set it up to operate on a second set of Com ports. I have it connected up to my second radio, the Icom 746. The original Navigator is on Com ports 3 through 8. The new Navigator is on Com ports 12 through 17. My original intention was to use a single PC but I can use a second PC if I cannot get everything to work on one PC.I have set up the second Navigator with the Icom using MMTTY stand alone and it works just fine. (uses Com 15 for ptt). The problem occurs when I have Writelog with MMTTY and the plug in loaded. There are then have 3 screens, the Writelog log entry, the RTTY control panel and the Rttyrite screen. The ports setup on the Writelog entry screen is no problem, it can accept up to 16 ports (I don't need to use Com17), but on the Rttyrite screen the port setup allows for only 8 ports, which means I cannot set a port for the Navigator and therefore cannot use Writelog with the MMTTY plug in. Is there any way that Writelog can be configured to increase the number of ports on the Rttyrite screen? It seems odd that MMTTY stand alone can accept up to 16 ports, Writelog can accept 16 ports but the Rttyrite screen can only use up to 8 ports.I am using MMTTY version 1.68A and Writelog version 10.73D. Do I need a later version of Writelog that allows for 16 ports in Rttyrite?
Mike, WM5DX.



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