[WriteLog] USB Soundcard recommendation and setup

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Jan 28 15:47:32 EST 2015


Only running SO1R here, but here is my setup.

RTTY - I run FSK rather than AFSK, but depending upon your radio model it 
may be possible to mute the mic via a radio setting.  In the IC-7600 there 
are four different settings for DATA that can be configured various ways 
depending upon what you want done.  The defaults are DATA OFF MOD = MIC, 
PSK  I press and hold USB or LSB for a couple of seconds and the mode 
changes to USB-D1 or LSB-D1.  This keys the radio via the ACC1 jack on the 
rear panel while simultaneously muting the MIC jack input.  Not sure how 
this works in Kenwoods, Yaesu's or K3's, but I have to believe there is some 
similar functionality depending upon the specific model.

SSB/DVK - I use the sound card in my microHAM microKEYER II for DVK use. 
The router software that configures the MKII settings handles the mic muting 
when the DVK is transmitting.  Connections to the MKII are via USB from the 
PC and connections to the radio are provided by a specific microHAM 
interface cable depending upon the radio model being used.  This cable has 
the correct plugs for the rear panel connections.

Gary AL9A

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I currently have a SO2R setup for AFSK RTTY and SSB voice keying, but it's
been brought to my attention that my mic is hot during SSB message playback
(and I believe RTTY AFSK keying).  Obviously, this is sub-optimal.

My current setup is:
PC on-board sound:
Line in:  L = left radio audio out, R = right audio out
Line out:  Speakers for computer system sounds, etc.

External USB Soundblaster (old):
Line out:  L = left radio mic in, R = right radio mic in
Mic:  Mono in from Heil mic headset

First of all, am I simply doing something wrong (wrong setting) that is
causing this?  Running the ol' SoundBoardCheck says that the mic mute
switch is not supported.  Which brings me to my next question.  Are you
using a similar setup, but with a different external USB sound device which
does support mic mute?  If so, what is the model?

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