[WriteLog] USB Soundcard recommendation and setup

Chad WE9V chad.we9v at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 16:58:46 EST 2015

Thanks for the feedback Gary, but I do not use a separate mic input vs.
DVK/AFSK input.  They are the same.
It works like this:  Microphone > SB input > SB output > Radio input
When not playing a DVK message, the mic is routed through the soundblaster
into the radio.
When playing a DVK or AFSK message, the mic should be muted in the SB.

While the microHAM MK2R+ is a fine SO2R solution for this, it is far out of
my budget.  What I think I need is a ~$50 USB soundcard that the mic mute
works, and would appreciate any recommendations of one, or a means to
correctly use the one I have, if I'm doing something incorrectly.

Chad WE9V

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