[WriteLog] IARU contest prefill file

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Mon Jul 6 13:27:41 EDT 2015

With thanks to Dave W9PA and Mike W9RE, I am passing along a link where you 
may obtain a WriteLog prefill file for the IARU HF World Championship 
contest this weekend.  The file itself was referenced by Bob N6TV on the CQ 
Contesting reflector, but I'm not sure who the author is.

The link leads to a file named itu.zip.  Download this file and then open it 
on your PC.  Inside are several different versions needed by various contest 
loggers.  The file you will want is named iaru2015.adi.  This file is 
already configured to work with the necessary WriteLog field names so needs 
nothing more than for you to point WriteLog to the correct file location on 
your machine from inside the IARU HF contest module.  This link may be 
updated several more times during the coming week as more IARU HQ stations 
get their operating calls submitted, so check the link again just before the 
contest to be sure you have the newest information.


As always, be cautious with using a prefill exchange file and verify the 
prefill information with what you copy over the air.  The on air information 
is the definitive entry.

Gary AL9A 

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