[WriteLog] WlFlexLib11.27

Wayne, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Tue Jul 14 13:01:26 EDT 2015

> I own a Flex 6300.  I have been a Writelog (WL) User for a very longtime.
> I use WL as my on-line log both in and out of contests.  I then upload the
> logs into DXbase.
> Here is my question.  I have been looking at the new rig drive that WL just
> came out with called WlFlexLib 11.27.  It seems from the instructions that
> it replaces the "CAT" control that comes with the Flex software?  Should I
> disable or delete Flex's CAT control?  Although I use WL for SSB, CW and
> RTTY logging, I still use FlDig for Psk.  Am I going to have to uninstall
> the WL driver and reinstall the Flex CAT control??
> I have seen no discussion about this driver.
> Thanks Joe K0BX
...and I see a later posting saying it doesn't work as well as the
SmartCAT driver...
While I agree that for RTTY contesting, the WlFlexLib driver doesn't
offer much,
I don't see why it should be worse than SmartCAT. I would like to hear
more details
about that.

To answer your specific question: you need not make any changes in
SmartCAT or SmartSDR.
Once you install WlFlexLib, all the changes you make are in WriteLog's
Setup/Ports. Instead
of naming a Kenwood TS-2000 + the SmartCAT COM port, you use the "Flex
6000 series"
Rig Type entry and go through the Flex selection procedure, which is
different and, I hope,
improved, in WL 11.27 compared to earlier WL versions

Switching between SmartCAT and WlFlexLib does not require any install or
uninstall. It just
requires going back through WriteLog's Setup/Ports. In my case, I end up
not using SmartCAT
for anything, so I remove it from the Startup Windows Start Menu group
as it doesn't do
anything useful (or harmful) when using WlFlexLib. The same goes for
WlFlexLib. If
you install WlFlexLib and decide not to use, you may uninstall it, but
it does nothing but take
up a few 100KB of disk if you don't use it.

For what its worth, http://writelog.com/downloads/writelog-versions has
a newer version of WlFlexLib
than the one that started this thread, but I don't think its going to
make much difference. But
I'll also add that the native WL Flex driver is still a work-in-progress.

Wayne, W5XD

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