[WriteLog] RTTY macros and direct keyboard input

Ross Biggar rbiggar at ihug.co.nz
Mon Jul 6 22:13:44 EDT 2015

I am keen to try writelog for RTTY, but I have been trying to set up the macros, without any success.
The keyboard function keys do not connect to writelog, (but once or twice while trying I have had F3 come up on RTTYrite with qrz qrz etc) however th is very seldom. None of the other function keys work.
I know the function keys operate, as I have the macros in N1MM Logger using function keys, working perfectly.
So what is the trick to get the keys operating in writelog.?

Studying the help file, I should be able to input directly from the keyboard and have it sent, but when I try that nothing happens.
Again I know the keyboard works perfectly in all other programmes.

so advice please what am I missing or doing wrong.

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