[WriteLog] RTTY macros and direct keyboard input

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Tue Jul 7 00:49:31 EDT 2015


Not sure where to start as the F keys in WriteLog do not need anything 
special to make them functional.  You don't mention it, but what version of 
WL are you running?  Have you found where the macros are programmed for the 
F keys?  That would be at Setup/CW/RTTY/SSB messages...  When you get there 
how many macro memory banks are there?  Just CW and SSB, or CW, SSB and 
RTTY?  If you only have CW and SSB the RTTY macros go into the CW memories. 
If you have CW, SSB and RTTY the default condition is the RTTY memories are 
programmed the same as the CW memories.  You should edit the RTTY memories 
for the macros you want.  Remember to include a " %E" at the end of each 
macro to turn off TX.  See the Help manual section titled "CW and RTTY and 
Voice Memory Setup" for a description of all the various % commands used in 

As for sending with the keyboard press Alt+K to bring up a small window 
where you type your text to send manually.  As soon as you hit Alt+K the 
radio should go into TX and send diddles until you start typing in text. 
Hit Alt+K at the end of your typing to close the window and turn off TX.

Gary AL9A

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Subject: [WriteLog] RTTY macros and direct keyboard input

I am keen to try writelog for RTTY, but I have been trying to set up the 
macros, without any success.
The keyboard function keys do not connect to writelog, (but once or twice 
while trying I have had F3 come up on RTTYrite with qrz qrz etc) however th 
is very seldom. None of the other function keys work.
I know the function keys operate, as I have the macros in N1MM Logger using 
function keys, working perfectly.
So what is the trick to get the keys operating in writelog.?

Studying the help file, I should be able to input directly from the keyboard 
and have it sent, but when I try that nothing happens.
Again I know the keyboard works perfectly in all other programmes.

so advice please what am I missing or doing wrong.
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