[WriteLog] How do I make the Flexradio 6700 or 6500 work wth writelog

Ross Biggar rbiggar at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jul 7 04:15:07 EDT 2015

Hi all,
I am working my way through setting up writelog for RTTY.  I have MMTTY interface with writelog working ok
and receiving information from various RTTY signals. Thanks to those that helped me with macros I
now have macro information on rttyrite (and how to set up the % signs!!).
So the next step is to get writelog to connect on the transmission link to the 6700.
I have downloaded the  flexlib.dll, so can someone help me on setting up the ports etc to work
with the 6700.


ps: I am sure to have more questions, such as making the macros do carriage returns linefeeds at the end of a macro etc.

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