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Subject: [WriteLog] WriteLog utility for 2 radio run mode
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 22:54:07 +0000
From: Wayne, W5XD <w5xd at writelog.com>
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WriteLog users,
Here is a pointer to an unsupported utility that has some 2-radio
functionality. I admit up front that when I try to run it, it makes me a
far worse operator than without it. But there might be those among you
that can make it work and benefit from it.

It automates many keystrokes that would otherwise be necessary for
running 2 radios and calling CQ on one or both of them, but only one on
the air at a time.  Its prime objective is to notice what would
otherwise be idle time on the run radio(s) and start a CQ when it
detects that. It is for one operator on 2 radios on one PC only (and of
no use for 2 radios on networked PCs.)  I have played with it on CW and
SSB enough to make me think its possible to interleave QSOs on two run
radios in two pileups on those two modes--if you're really fast at
copying two pileups on two radios, one in each ear. I cannot imagine it
being useful for RTTY, but maybe you have a better imagination?

WriteLog 11.24 or later is required.

Here is a screen shot of the only thing that will change in WriteLog
when you install it:
That is, the utility, once installed, creates a set of functions that
appear in WriteLog's Keyboard Shortcuts dialog and you have to put them
on F-Keys to use them.

If you want to cut to the chase and download only the latest installer
kit, the zip file is here:


The utility is open sourced here:
So if you're into C# programming, you can download the free version of
Microsoft Visual Studio Express and improve it.

How can it make an operator worse? Pretty simple. If someone answers
your CQ, but you fail to type fast enough to satisfy WriteLog that
someone is calling, that caller is going to get another CQ sent his way
pretty quickly. And you're doing this with two radios at once.

Wayne, W5XD

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