[WriteLog] new mystery

Courtney Judd k4wi at k4wi.net
Mon Jul 18 19:28:20 EDT 2016

New problem has developed! Last week I used DX4WIN no problem worked 
many stations SSB and CW via microHam router in WIN 10... worked great. 
This weekend played in CQWW VHF test , hit the writelog preset and 
everything worked great SSB and CW. Today I wanted to work on six 
again... clicked on DX4WIN preset and opened DX4WIN. I have CW but no 
SSB audio. Something has changed... I can go back to Writelog and all 
works ssb and cw... just in DX4WIN no ssb vox or manual (in manual rig 
keys just no audio). I have looked at preferences... no changes, 
router... no changes... win 10 sounds... no changes.. help!!!! I don't 
know what else to check. Went thru the router setup file again for 
dx4win and don't see anything to be set different. Rig is FT2000D and 
all controls are still at their normal setting! Thanks for any ideas! 
73's Cort K4WI

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