[WriteLog] WriteLog 12.07 Is Now Available

Steve Woodruff steve at n9oh.com
Mon Jul 25 19:36:09 EDT 2016

Hi Folks,

WriteLog version 12.07 is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased the full version of WriteLog since July 2015. This excludes the "Newbie" version, which does not include any free upgrades.  If you are running an earlier version, go here to purchase a new registration code: http://writelog.com/ordering

WriteLog 12.07 includes the following new features/fixes:

* For Two-Radios-on-One-Device audio, allow the Receiver audio selection to be blank.
* Mouse wheel tunes “manual entry”.
* ARRL SS module uses official ADIF labels for CHECK and PRECEDENCE
* Support Contest Super Simulator frequency tuning and RTTY
* Correct WinKey2 pinconf, and improve timeout messages
* Close Band Map early in shutdown process.
* Warn RTTY messages with %E not at end
* Make TS-2000 driver more tolerant of various responses to FA/FB
* IARU-HF ADIF export uses official ITUZ ADIF tag now.

Effective January 1, 2017, purchases of WriteLog version 11 will no longer entitle the customer to free upgrades to version 12. We may continue to publish bug fix releases for version 11 into 2017, but only as long as, in our judgement, that work does not interfere with our work on the latest WriteLog technology. Should we decide to continue to update version 11 next year, we'll make it available for purchase and upgrade with no change to the 12 month validity of version 11 registration codes, but we will not continue to offer version 12 upgrades to version 11 customers at no cost.

The only reason we continue to support version 11 is to allow customers to keep their Windows XP machines reasonably up to date for contest operations.

The latest software can be downloaded here:  http://writelog.com/downloads/writelog-versions

For users of FlexRadio 6000 series rigs, there is a separate download available on the WriteLog Downloads page.


Steve N9OH & Wayne W5XD

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