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Dean St. Hill dmsthill at gmail.com
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I actually had a KAM+ a while ago when I uses RTTY by WF1B in DOS but I
found when I moved to WriteLog I started using more software solutions
(although the KAM was around for a long time)

When MMTTY was usable within WriteLog it made my setups a lot easier not
having the KAM.

All that to say that I suspect you will find a simple transistor and
resistor switching circuit on a com port might do cw as good or better - at
least that was my experience when I dropped my two KAMs and replaced them
with such circuitry for FSK and cw on the same comport.

The manual will be a critical place to start but the WriteLog software is
so well developed that it really makes something like the KAM+ redundant
except for modes other than rtty and cw - but then WriteLog is optimised
for contests so some of the other modes would not be important to contests
as currently configured.

That was my experience about a decade ago with ft1000mpMKV's but any rig
that provides relatively easy access to the FSK and cw keylines would be
easy to get a simple interface which would be more in tune with increasing
and decreasing speed and sending serial numbers etc. Stuff that if memory
serves was not as easy to implement using the KAM as interface.

I have been speaking from memory and hope my information is still relevant
and accurate.


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On Jul 29, 2016 8:34 AM, "JE Brown" <w4lc at fuse.net> wrote:

> I have been using my KAM+ for RTTY for a long time with Writelog.
> I would like to try it with CW contests, if possible.  It has a CW mode
> and is set up for FSK keying on a com port.
> Is this possible?  If so, how would I do this?
> Thanks   Jim  W4LC
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