[WriteLog] Problem with RTTY AFSK

Tom Shelton gl1800winger at verizon.net
Fri Jul 29 19:23:39 EDT 2016

During the recent NAQP-RTTY contest, I was unable to transmit RTTY (receive
was ok).


I've played with my settings and still no joy.  


When I open up WriteLog, I get a pop-up box with "Error setting up device
names for sound, Vista-style"

When I click out of that window - I get another pop-up box with:

"Failed to start recording loop. Is the sound board in use?"
"waveInOpen failed Attempted to open with an unsupported

wave-form-audio format"


When transmitting - sometimes (depending on settings) my rig would indicate
a transmit condition, but no audio was sent (nothing heard on TX monitor, no
deflection on the ALC or Power meters).


I was able to resolve the immediate problem by switching in SignaLink-USB
that I use on my back-up Rig, though I had lost a few hours of the contest
before I did that.


Here are my settings:


WriteLog (Version 12.05K)

Setup>Ports: DVK Type = Windows sound board (have also tried "None"

Setup>Sound board = Only enabled Receiver Listen Loop

RttyRite Window>TU Type "XMMT-ocx" Selected (Using 2-Tone)

                TNC Setup: Only "Show TNC buttons" and "Show TNC menu"

2-Tone Settings: Correct CODEC selected - RX and TX Left selected - AFSK TX:
PTT "No" selected (But have tried DTR and RTS to no avail)


Radio (TS-590S with S/W V. 2.02)

Menu settings (I've changed a lot of these in trying to troubleshoot)

060 - TX Inhibit = Off

061 - COM port Baudrate =57,600

062 - USB port bBaudrate = 57,600

063 - Audio Input Line Selection for Data = USB (Changed to Acc2 when using
the SignaLink)

064 - Audio Level of USB Input for Data = 3

065 - Audio level of USB Output for Data = 3

066/067 - Same as 064/065 but for Acc2

069 - VOX operation with Data (USB/Acc2) Input = On

070 - Data VOX delay time = 40mS

071 - VOX Gain for USB Audio Input = 3

072 - VOX Gain for Acc2 = 4


Operating System = Windows 10


Any help would be appreciated.  My next step is sending this to the repair
shop and have the sound-board replaced.





Tom Shelton, ND3N


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