[WriteLog] Enabling compression

Wayne Wright w5xd at alum.mit.edu
Sun Mar 13 19:57:58 EDT 2016

> I am running Windows 8.1 and recorded audio compression no longer seems to
> work.   I try to change the settings, but it still seems to be recording
> under the default, producing files that 155MB per hour.
> There was a time when I had this working on this computer, but I must have
> changed something and I cannot determine what it was.  
> Is the compression hardware dependent?  I am using the internal sound card
> now, but I use an external USB device that is at the contest station.  
> Windows media player says the codecs I am trying to use are installed.
> Not sure what else to try
Maybe this note from the help file explains it?

> For the One Sound Device per Radio <cs_gen_sbDevPerRadio.htm>
> configuration, The compression settings are disabled (because
> recording in that mode does not support compression) 

The "because" in this quote is not the full story. The rest of the story
is that the code for the old "two radios on one device" cannot support
the newer device-per-radio configuration. I didn't do the coding work
required to get compression working in the newer mode because I didn't
know if anyone was using it. Assuming that explains the above, I can put
it on the "to-do" list.


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