[WriteLog] 2 transceivers, 2 MK2's, 1 computer

Ray Day rayday at cox.net
Fri May 27 15:48:03 EDT 2016

Hello, all,


I just got an Icom IC-7300 as a travel radio (good value, relatively light
(9 ½ #), 100W, internal AT, smallish, etc.). I’m very happy with it.


And I managed to have two microKEYER II’s – one very early in production
(I’ve installed the recommended internal bypass capacitor for RFI reasons)
and one I bought about one year ago – I have that one hooked up to the Omni
VII station transceiver – all’s well!


I want to use the same Win 8.1 computer I now have hooked up and playing
with the Omni VII and newer MK2 with the older MK2 and the IC-7300. I have
the proper MK2 interface cable for the Icom. The reason I’m using two MK2’s
is that I don’t want to take apart the home station and steal the MK2 when I
travel. Ultimately, I’ll have a Win 8.1 laptop with its own Router software,
but for now, I’d like to get the 7300 working with its own MK2.


In reviewing the MK2 manual, I’ll be going inside the MK2 and doing what I
need to do to be sure the Electret/Dynamic MK2 connections/jumpers are set
properly. Should be straightforward. Ditto the power connection arrangements
(both these procedures are on p8 and p9. So far, so good.


I have presets all set up for WriteLog, MMTTY, N3FJP ACLog, etc., and all of
course use the current radio (Omni VII), selected in the PORTS menu under MK
II – Omni VII tab. 


After reading the setup instructions, it looks like if I follow the manual
(I would have unplugged the USB cable from the Omni VII / newer MK2 from the
computer) and (at the proper time) plug the IC-7300‘s (different) MK2 into
the station computer and trust the computer’s Router software will see that
it’s not what it’s been seeing but there’s another MK2 (with the 7300)
connected to it and the setup will end up with another Router tab labeled
“MK2 - IC-7300” and I’ll configure everything just as though I’m starting
fresh. Is this the way it will work? Seems logical, but I thought I’d check
with someone that might have already done this.


Hope all’s well – and I’ll be working a bunch on the WL gang in a few hours!


Ray N6HE




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