[WriteLog] WPX minimum off-time is wrong, chained messages break auto-resume

Mike Heideman mike_heideman at hotmail.com
Mon May 30 15:16:36 EDT 2016

Off-times for the WPX contests are a minimum of 60 minutes. Early Sunday morning I took a short break to get some food, driving to a nearby all-night place. My off-time was showing as 10:28 when I left. My last QSO before the break was at 0829 and the first after the break was at 0902.

My off-time showed as 11:00 after this 32 minute break, leading me to conclude that WriteLog is counting off-times of 30 minutes or more instead of the 60 minutes specified in the WPX rules. I'm using WriteLog V11.32D.

In SO2R I had my Timed CQ set up for Auto-Resume. If I had to send more than one message on the non-CQing radio the CQ did not resume as expected. For instance, sending my callsign once or twice as a correction before an S&P exchange would stop the CQ on the other radio.

Mostly WriteLog worked quite well during the contest.  I'll have to try the new dueling CQ module sometime soon since it got high praise from Tom/W2SC.

-Mike, N7MH


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