[WriteLog] IC-7300 and WL setup

Keith Regli keith at kregli.com
Mon May 30 18:39:24 EDT 2016

I did a quick comparison of the command set for the 7300 and 7410 and they
appear to be the same.   The default CI-V addresses are 94h and 80h
respectively, but can be adjusted.

On Mon, May 30, 2016 at 4:15 PM, Ray Day <rayday at cox.net> wrote:

> Hi WL folks,
> I'm gradually getting my station re-set up using the new Icom IC-7300.
> So far so good with the radio talking to N3FJP's ACLog, etc., but I don't
> see in WL (v12.03G) a choice in setup/ports for the 7300.
> I'm using the microKEYER II interface and have it set up for the 7300,
> 9600,
> CI-V address 94 in "router ports" and in system settings I show 9600 and
> address 6A. All's well there. MicroKEYER MK2 and radio get along very well.
> But WL doesn't have a radio selection line for the 7300 (I've set the
> setup/ports screen as COM14, 9600, polling checked, and NO for comm PTT).
> I've tried a few other Icom rigs in that slot to see if they might work,
> but
> so far, no joy - I can't see the rig mode/freq in the Log Entry window..
> Does anybody have experience as to what I should put in as a radio choice
> in
> WL so the 7300 will be happy?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ray N6HE
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