[WriteLog] One FSK port for "SO2V"?

Wayne support at writelog.com
Thu Dec 21 18:29:08 EST 2017

> I could swear I saw that a recent release added a feature where if you are
> operating with 2 receivers in (say) a K3, you could now use just one serial
> port for FSK instead of the two you needed before (to switch to the 2nd VFO
> entry window for transmit).
> Maybe I'm not looking for the right words, but I can't seem to locate that
> release note.
> Assuming I'm not on drugs and I did see that, does this feature also work
> with the (new) TinyFSK support - meaning that one TinyFSK is all that is
> needed to support both VFOs?
> Thanks - jeff wk6i
This is probably what you are looking for:
> 12.21 October, 2017
> Add ability for RttyRite to share its FSK transmit port.

I expect this feature to also work with TinyFSK. I have received very
few test
reports of RttyRite with TinyFSK.


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