[WriteLog] WriteLog Flexradio RTTY contesting problems

Andy - M5ZAP m5zap at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 13 12:15:29 EST 2017


I used writelog in the ARRL RTTY RU contest last weekend and had a lot of
problems. This was my first RTTY contest using the flex, I have previously
used writelog for all my contest needs and like its operation and interface.
I also rather like the fact it uses IP comms  to the Flex rather than using
DAX and SmartSDR Cat.

I used the following setup

Smart SDR v1.9.13.173 

Flex 6500

Windows 10

Latest writelog version 12.12C Dec  2016

Writelog Flex driver -  WlFlexDriver1203A (setup as single radio)

MMTTY as main RTTY interface using XMMT.ocx

Network uses a Gigabit switch between PC and Radio with cat 6 cables

Smart Cat & Dax closed (Except when I needed a PTT line when writelog
stopped PTTing then DAX and IQ channels used by WL driver were disabled in


The problems I had were 

1 - For no reason comms would start to drop packets (upto 30%) Rebotting
writelog sorted problem once. Other times the network issues persisted,
tried rebotting everything many times including PC

2 - Keying of the radio stopped and I had to Revert to using SmartSDR Cat
port in MMTTY setup to key rig.

3 - Intermittent operation of Focus helper

I also had the latest version of 2tone crash a few times in my clone

It was running with less network traffic than my normal general logging
setup of DXlab and SDR bridge with a couple of CW skimmers running. I still
tried slaving the switch and network cables but that had no effect.

I was running unassisted in RU but for BARTG and WPX RTTY contests I want to
setup a  RTTY skimmer to post to the band map. But need to sort out base
logging/RTTY software first.


I normally get zero packet dropped and latency <1mS


Any help appreciated Andy M5ZAP


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