[WriteLog] After contest log entry problem

N5MT at aol.com N5MT at aol.com
Sat Jan 14 19:51:58 EST 2017

Summary of problem: 
Lost writelog.WL file got ARRL 10 Mtr contest.  I had sent   Cabrillo file 
to ARRL and had a printed copy of log before I lost  .WL  file.  But I 
thought I needed  to rebuild the lost  .WL   file to submit my contest contacts 
into LoTW.  But I forgot all that TQSL  can do...
Solutions:  I remembered that I had a copy of my Cabrillo file in my  email 
outbox so I retrieved that file and saved it.  I did not remember  that the 
 TQSL program accepts this file as input to TQSL signing and  submitting  
into the LoTW system, so my first goal was achieved without  having to 
recreate my .WL file.
I found an old DOS program called LogConv which took the Cabrillo file and  
turned it into  an  .ADI  file.
It cost $5 for you to take it out of Demo mode.  In my testing of  the 
output, the result file looked ok but when I ran it as input into  Writelog, the 
resulting displayed Qso were missing the state/number info.  
I tried a few diff file formats of the Cabrillo file but the  LogConv put 
out the same results AND Writelog never did import the  state/number  field 
correctly.  So I stopped trying to create   the  .WL source file since I 
already had a  .ADI  file generated  by TQSL that worked for me.  
I resolved to better backup my log files and submit my LoTW files more  
Some people submit to LoTW a few hours after the contest!
Thanks to the hams that submitted suggestions.
73  Mike  N5MT   

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