[WriteLog] Flex 6700 and Writelog 12.10E

Robert Hess w1rh at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 7 13:12:24 EST 2017

Wayne, my reference to "clunky" was referring to using the Kenwood drivers with the Flex/Maestro.  It works but, indeed, it "clunks" when switching between "radios".
I'll note that Writelog works fine using SmartSDR in SO2R mode.  For me, however, it's just a pain to have two slices dedicated to each "radio".  I just want Slice A for radio one and Slice B for radio two. I like knobs, so I prefer using the Maestro for contesting.
As for testing, I'd recommend Steve, W1SRD, who is what I'd refer to as a Writelog "power user" and is also a Flex Alpha tester.
I'd be happy to test any Maestro fixes, but can't help on the design other than to say that it is essentially a tablet running Windows 10 and is only capable of using Slice A and Slice B.

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> Writelog will not work with the Maestro and the Flex drivers.  Why the program 
> wants to see two slices (A/B) for Radio 1 and two slices (C/D) for Radio 2 is 
> beyond me.  
You can have a read of the help file that comes with WriteLog's Flex
driver to see how
WriteLog handled split operation on the Flex, a design we did before the
Maestro came out.

> The Maestro only recognizes slices A and B, so it absolutely cannot 
> be used for SO2R using the Flex Drivers in Writelog.  You can use the Maestro 
> if you use the Kenwood drivers.  Switching is awful clunky.  Many have 
> complained on the reflector.
Please reference the "switching is awful clunky" and "Many have
complained" posting. I am
not sure what you are referring to. I have been aware of the "Maestro
won's SO2R" problem
for a bit, but its hard to call something "clunky" that just plain
doesn't work?
> So.....Saturday, prior to SS, I loaded N1MM and set it up for SO2R with the 
> 6700.  The switching is quiet, quick and seamless and it works just fine with 
> the Maestro.  I did not use N1MM for the contest.  Not familiar enough with the 
> program, but it's looking like this long-time Writelog user may have to switch.
> BobW1RH
The WriteLog team doesn't have any special notifications from Flex, so
when they came
out with the Maestro, they must have something to handle split operation
but it is not compatible
with WL's driver. But we don't know what that magic is. If you're
interested in letting us
in on Flex's Maestro design and testing an update to WL's driver, let me


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