[WriteLog] cut-numbers and leading zeros in 12.29 and 12.30 and yet-to-be-released 12.31

Wayne support at writelog.com
Thu Jul 19 10:02:50 EDT 2018

WriteLog versions 12.29 and 12.30 each has a different bug with respect
to cut-numbers and each affects a (different) and very specific case:

Version 12.29:
Do NOT use Setup/CW-SSB-RTTY messages such that the % character is
followed by a digit as in "%3". If you do, then CW messages will be
truncated at the % character. Anything afterward will not be sent. (The
problem is manifest only for CW messages.) To repeat: in 12.29 it is NOT
possible to setup WriteLog to fill the first 9 or 99 serial numbers with
leading zeros or T's.

Version 12.30:
%2 and %3 etc are OK in Setup/CW-SSB-RTTY and are handled per the
writelog help file, EXCEPT if you want to send leading ZERO's instead of
T's. The documentation says do this:

What you must do in 12.30 instead is this:

Don't see the difference? The documentation says put a hyphen between
cut and numbers while 12.30 requires an underscore. Version 12.31 (to be
released probably in August) will make the code match the documentation.

Sorry about the issues. If there is yet another way to confuse this
issue, I am certainly on track to finding it.

Wayne, W5XD

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