[WriteLog] IOTA 2018 contest - list of stations on islands

OZ0J Joe contest at oz0j.dk
Fri Jul 20 01:05:01 EDT 2018

Dear all



I have started on a file of known stations that will be QRV in the upcoming
IOTA contest on 28 and 29 July 2018.


The list can be found at


The list is a copy from the call history file, I got from VE2FK. Claude is
making updates for N1MM+ and so far I have only update a few Danish call


If you are on an island during the IOTA contest in a week, please check the
list and PLEASE DO SEND ERRORS AND UPDATES TO contest at oz0j.dk
<mailto:contest at oz0j.dk> 


Thank you.



73 Joe, OZ0J


 <http://english.oz0j.dk> http://english.oz0j.dk

Skype ID from the shack: onair-oz0j.dk 



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