[WriteLog] How do you send SHIFTED SSB messages?

Wayne support at writelog.com
Fri Mar 2 08:56:18 EST 2018

> ...Shift+F2 through Shift+F11 does records the 
> messages on the fly but I don't use those messages...

>From the WriteLog help file on Keyboard Shortcuts:

> MessageShift01 through MessageShift10 send the shifted message for
> CW/RTTY, but for SSB start the DVK file recording process for the
> message 1 through 10, using whatever DVK type is selected.
> MessageShiftPh01 through MessageShiftPh10 send the shifted message
> regardless of mode, and for the appropriate mode. 

Said another way: you have to use Setup/Keyboard-shortcuts to change the
assignments for SHIFT+F2 through Shift+F11


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