[WriteLog] CW Red Box question - Any help?

Kostas SV1DPI sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Fri Mar 23 03:48:31 EDT 2018

By the way, the red box is a great thing and I like a lot but...

The red box keeps on in a pre-defined time written  in ini file. I have 
mine in 850ms. This works fine if the cw speed is between 28-30 wpm but 
it is not ok if the cw speed is much lower, let's say 22-24 wpm (or 
quicker 36wpm). This is something could happen in several cases. For 
example  if you go in low bands or in a multi environment where many 
operators use the same radio but they prefer different operation speed. 
I have seen in wintest that this time is not predefined and stops almost 
before the last letter is transmitting. It would be perfect if Wayne 
improve this nice feature. Tnx in advance...

...73 de Kostas SV1DPI
   (One of SZ1A-EP6T)

Στις 22/3/2018 6:36 μμ, ο support at writelog.com έγραψε:
>> Hi all,
>>      I run WL 12.26 on Windows 10 and have the following issue relevant to the
>> Red Box in the entry windows when using %C in CW.
>>      - If I press the F key the Red Box appears and I can correct/complete the
>> call on the fly
>>      - If I push Enter (having set Enter=send Exchange/QRZ) the cursor moves to
>> the next field and the call is immediately sent (from the same F key) without
>> any Red Box and therefore is not possible to correct/complete it on the fly.
>>      Can anyone help me in solving this issue?
> Your posting describes WriteLog's behavior as documented. So its not
> clear what issue you are trying to solve?
> Maybe you want WriteLog to behave differently? If so, have a read of
> WriteLog's help file:
>> /MoveNextOnEnter only has an effect if “Enter Sends QRZ/Exchange” is
>> ON, and only affects what happens when you type ENTER with the cursor
>> in the CALL field with it not empty. With this INI entry set non-zero,
>> WritLog moves the cursor to the next field. With this set to zero,
>> WriteLog leaves the cursor in the CALL field.
>> MoveNextOnEnter=0
>> /
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