[WriteLog] WriteLog Keyboard Shortcuts to QSY UP/DN 5kHZ - Resolved

Marsh KA5M marsh at ka5m.net
Sat Sep 8 12:11:01 EDT 2018

Once you know how, it's easy!

Just edit writelog.ini and add:

Macro_10=UP7;     (Note: 7 is the code for 5 kHz)


I found this in the WriteLog Archives. Thanks Ed K3QX and Jerry W6IHG.

Marsh, KA5M

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I'm running WriteLog 12.30D and a K3S and would like to use
[Shift]+[Up_Arrow] to QSY up 5kHz and [Shift]+[Down_Arrow] to QSY down 5

Using Shortcut Keystroke Shift+Ext_UP I can run Rig1Command(4) to Tune rig
up 8 steps of 10 Hz each - 80Hz. But I want to tune up 5kHz.

Likewise I can use Shift+Ext_DOWN to run Rig1Command(8) to Tune rig down 8
steps of 10Hz each. But I want to tune down 5 kHz.

Any help would be appreciated.

Marsh, KA5M 


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