[WriteLog] WriteLog Digest, Vol 189, Issue 6

Alan Maenchen ad6e at arrl.net
Sun Sep 9 15:51:21 EDT 2018

That's a great solution. I didn't know about that either.

What I find useful is the "Swap VFO" function.  I try to keep one VFO near
the high end of activity and the other low. Then just swap VFOs. It usually
puts me back on the same "round table" frequency I just left two minutes
ago but now there are new guys there. At least near the beginning it means
almost no tuning around. I just have to twiddle my thumbs waiting for the
end of their QSO to pounce. Tuning around gives you something to do, but
isn't necessarily faster.

Sorry I wasn't able to participate yesterday. Wife had a hula competition
that lasted all day.

Aloha, Alan  AD6E / KH6TU

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> Subject: Re: [WriteLog] WriteLog Keyboard Shortcuts to QSY UP/DN 5kHZ
>         - Resolved
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> Once you know how, it's easy!
> Just edit writelog.ini and add:
> [Elecraft_K3_Commands]
> Macro_10=UP7;     (Note: 7 is the code for 5 kHz)
> Macro_11=DN7;
> [KeyboardShortcuts]
> Shift+Ext_DOWN=Rig1Command(11)
> Shift+Ext_UP=Rig1Command(10)
> I found this in the WriteLog Archives. Thanks Ed K3QX and Jerry W6IHG.
> Marsh, KA5M
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> Subject: [WriteLog] WriteLog Keyboard Shortcuts to QSY UP/DN 5kHZ
> I'm running WriteLog 12.30D and a K3S and would like to use
> [Shift]+[Up_Arrow] to QSY up 5kHz and [Shift]+[Down_Arrow] to QSY down 5
> kHz.
> Using Shortcut Keystroke Shift+Ext_UP I can run Rig1Command(4) to Tune rig
> up 8 steps of 10 Hz each - 80Hz. But I want to tune up 5kHz.
> Likewise I can use Shift+Ext_DOWN to run Rig1Command(8) to Tune rig down 8
> steps of 10Hz each. But I want to tune down 5 kHz.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> 73,
> Marsh, KA5M
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