[WriteLog] NAQP RTTY ADIF prefill file

Craig K0CF k0cf at mchsi.com
Tue Feb 19 12:25:39 EST 2019

I have created a WriteLog ADIF prefill file for the NAQP RTTY contest and
posted it to my club website, the Eastern Iowa DX Association home page at <
http://www.eidxa.org >. From the home page, click the "DX Resources" link from
the main menu at the top left side of the home page. The prefill links are at
the bottom of the "DX Resources" page. The name of the link is NAQP_ALL. What
you will download is a zip file containing the ADIF prefill file.

Please note that I am not the source of the data in this prefill file. The data
source is a plain text file from the N1MM+ web site, which was last updated on
January 18, 2019. Corrections and updates should be sent to ve2fk at arrl.net.

Also note that the N1MM+ site has combined all three NAQP modes into one file.
There are three separate files on the N1MM+ website, but in actuality they are
just 3 differently-named copies of the same file. I will follow this practice
for future NAQP contests.

Craig, K0CF

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