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Marty Bluhm w8aks55 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 09:42:03 EST 2019

Thank you Don,  this is great!
I’ll be working on this today.

Appreciate the extra information. That will make life so much easier.

Thanks again, missed you in NAQP.

On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 9:18 AM Don Hill AA5AU <aa5au at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Typically, callsigns will be highlighted in yellow (new multiplier), green
> (new station) or red (dupe). You can then click on any portion of the
> callsign and the full call will be pulled into the Entry Window. This does
> not hold true for calls that are not highlighted. You must click on the
> first character of the callsign if it is not highlighted. Same for reports.
> You have to click on the first letter or number of the report.
> If callsigns are not highlighting in Rttyrite, then you need to set up
> Super Check Partial:
> https://www.rttycontesting.com/tutorials/writelog2/super-check-partial-setup/
> Going further, when callsigns are highlighted, you can configure WriteLog
> so all you have to do is hit the INSERT key and it will pull in the full
> highlighted call to the Entry Window and send the contents of your exchange
> message at the same time. Also, the + key on the keypad can be used to log
> stations and send the confirmation message at the same time. These are
> called "special accelerator" keys. See this page for details on how to set
> that up:
> https://www.rttycontesting.com/tutorials/writelog/writelog-rtty-starter/page-10/
> In order to add the special accelerator keys to the .ini file, you will
> need to edit the .ini file. Check here if you are running WriteLog version
> 12:
> https://www.rttycontesting.com/tutorials/writelog/version-12/#edit
> In addition, you can program other keys to do these same functions as the
> "special accelerator" keys by using keyboard shortcuts. For example, I
> program the semicolon ; key to do the same thing as INSERT and program the
> apostrophe ' key to do the same thing as the plus key + on the keypad. To
> use keyboard shortcuts, go here:
> https://www.rttycontesting.com/tutorials/writelog2/keyboard-shortcuts/
> Please note that the setup menu in WriteLog v12 has changed slightly. I
> haven't updated the keyboard shortcut to reflect these changes yet.
> Don AA5AU
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> Hi Guys,
> This is the 2nd rtty contest in a row I’ve experienced this, so thought I
> would ask the guru ‘s.
> When clicking on an exchange (calls, state, number) window, if I don’t
> click on the very first character,
> The whole item does not get transferred to the qso entry window.
> For example, if my cursor is on the 8 in W8AKS, the 8AKS is all that gets
> transferred to the callsign field.
> The same holds true for other exchange items.
> I lost a few q’s until I realized what was happening and took time to make
> sure the transfer was correct.
> My question:do I have something setup wrong that it is this sensitive?
> If so, where is it, so I can correct it.
> Thanks and 73
> Marty
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