[WriteLog] Lose of ability to send wav files

Steve Forst numbnutz33 at verizon.net
Sat Mar 27 10:52:44 EDT 2021

Check your sound devices in Windows sound devices.

While I don't send wav files via a sound card, as a blind op I  rely on 
Writelog's ability to  give some speech readout  as I move around the 
entry fields, especially a "dupe" warning.

I found the recent Windows update hosed my sound cards, making the 
TS-890 internal sound card the "default" and  even changing it's name. 
I had previously named it"TS-890" but it name reverted back to  "USB 
codek".  Also all the entries in Writelog's sound board mixer control 
were lost.

It was just a matter of changing  the default sound card and re-doing 
the sound board mixer control entries.    Nice to have my dupe warning 
back.  Thank you Microsoft.

73, Steve KW3A

On 3/27/2021 8:17 AM, Greg5ta via WriteLog wrote:
> The function keys no longer send the msg.wav files.  They worked when I tested them a week ago.  There was a windows update after that.  Any suggestion?
>   ThanksGreg KG5TA
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