[WriteLog] Learning WL: INI Mysteries no longer as mysterious

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Thanks all for the clarification on the registry.  Somehow, I thought I recalled that there was a file in the appdata or virtual store.  I may have been mistaken.  It is absolutely true that the settings are in the registry and I have edited them directly when when working with Wayne on an issue.

The net is the same.  making configuration changes in the application are not saved in the ini file unless you export them back.  



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> On Feb 27, 2023, at 1:07 PM, tomgeorgens15 at gmail.com wrote:
> On the question of comments in .ini, it is not that simple.
> It depends on how you plan to manage the ini file.   If all ini changes are
> to be made in the ini file and subsequently imported, then you may be able
> to add comments.  However, when you do a "Save Configuration"  inside WL it
> will write information to an ini file.  Likewise, when you make keyboard
> shortcuts.  However, this is not the ini file you are editing.  WL has a
> separate ini file that it updates with changes made while Writelog is
> running.  When this happens, WL is using a set of ini settings that is
> different than the ini file you are editing.
> What I do, is that I use the "edit" option.  In this case, WL will ask for a
> file name.  I will then enter the name of the ini file that I control.  It
> will then overwrite that file with the ini settings that WL is currently
> using.  At this point the ini file is synched with WL.  Then I make the ini
> changes I want.  When I save them, it will ask if I want to load this file
> back into WL.  Now, WL has been updated and my file is consistent.
> You are probably confused again.  As for the comments, when WL overwrites
> the file, any comments will be lost.
> I am a big WL fan.  Of course, every logger with a deep feature set has a
> learning curve.  For your question about the k3 messages.  More generally
> the question is about keystrokes that want to execute multiple steps.  In
> this case, I use Auto Hotkey.  I have a large auto hotkey wrapper around WL
> that implements stuff like this.   It also starts all my apps, enters any
> setup config information and positions all the windows.  
> Now it can self spot.  The "progress" never ends
> GL Tom  W2SC
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> Subject: [WriteLog] Learning WL: INI Mysteries no longer as mysterious
> Thanks to the helpfulness of the subscribers, my WriteLog is behaving itself
> and acting as a logger should. I needed that information on the .ini file
> since, as all of you know, a proper .ini is crucial to program operation.
> I did not understand where/how to find the file; now that you showed me, it
> is just a matter of time/experiments getting the program playing
> efficiently. Fortunately, two extremely rare (for here) but timely "snow
> days" let me concentrate on the program. It is now working well for me.
> That doesn't mean that I'll leave well enough alone, however! May I lean on
> the reflector for a few more questions?
> 1. Multiplier Window in WPX contests. It opens, but WL is unresponsive until
> the window is closed. Is this normal, or is there a setting?
> 2. K3 or K4 DVR Message kill. Once a DVR message starts, it plays to
> completion: ESC won't stop it. How can this be fixed? Note that pressing the
> footswitch causes the rig itself to halt the message.
> 3. Are there setting that will prefill Log Submission Details, specifically
> Power, Xmtr, and Operator (single vs multi-op)?
> 4. May we enter comments to document our .ini files?
> 5. UTC display, with seconds?
> Finally, in a couple of the direct replies to my help request, some
> mentioned disabling the "C" and "Country" entry fields for each new contest.
> There is a setting for that:
> [Multipliers]
> ShowCountry=0
> does the trick.
> --
> 73 de Bob, K6XX
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