KC6CNV@aol.com KC6CNV@aol.com
Tue, 30 May 2000 03:12:33 EDT

                               CQ WW WPX - CW

Call: N6MJ
Operator(s): N6MJ
Station: W6KP

Class: SOAB  Power: HP
Operating Time (hrs): 36:00

  Band     QSOs
   160:      0
    80:     15
    40:    292
    20:   1200
    15:   1020
    10:    211
Total:   2738 x    818  =  6,016,390

Club: SCCC

Comments:  Yet another great battle between me and N6RT.  Its nice to be on 
the winning side of these close battles for a change.  For those wondering 
how we do so well from CA, Doug and I use very special stations.  W6EEN has 
40 acres in Indio and has stacks on 10-20 (I think), 4 el 40m, and 3 el 80m 
antennas.  He is in the city, so he has moderate line noise.  W6KP has 36 
acres in Anza (which is where W6CCP and W6BH are located) and is on top of a 
a mountain at about 4600 feet.  He has  a clear shot to JA and EU.  His 
antenna's are 6 el KLM's on 10-20, 4 el 40m yagi, and 67 ft vertical on 80m.  
There are no neighbors near his QTH, and his powerlines are underground, so 
there is absolutely no noise up there.  So what Doug gains with the stacks, I 
make up with the ability to copy another layer of weak EU sigs.  I got off to 
a great start, the first 4 hours were 125-118-114-138, but it was all 
downhill from there.  

73, Dan Craig N6MJ (ex-AD6DO, KC6CNV)

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