[WWYC] CCCC PSK31 summary

Scott Northcutt snorthcutt@mindspring.com
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 10:25:55 -0500

Not a terribly fantastic score but a lot of fun nevertheless.  Since my
local club (Tennessee Contest Group, http://www.k4ro.net/tcg.html ) is
not always very active in digital-mode tests, I figured that I needed to
contribute my score to WWYC.  If anyone else played in this one, please
send in your score as there are only about 3 clubs listed thus
far...more WWYC publicity in yet another mode.  Here is the URL to the
hosting club's site: http://www.netsync.net/users/obrienaj/carc.htm

73 all!
Scott "The Old Man" Northcutt
----------------8< snip-------------------

       CCCC PSK31 Contest

    Contest Dates : 02-Sep-00

    Callsign Used : N4JN
         Operator : N4JN

         Category : B - Single Op, Single Band

 Default Exchange : 599 - ###

             Name : J. Scott Northcutt
          Address : 2421 Cabin Hill Road
   City/State/Zip : Nashville, TN  37214
          Country : United States

        Team/Club : World Wide Young Contesters (WWYC)

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Multipliers

  20PSK31     29          29        195        15

 Totals       29          29        195        15

    Final Score = 195x15=2925 points

 Soapbox Comments

My first ever PSK31 contest.  Had a blast!  Wish I could have put
more time into it.  Hopefully this will be an easy mark to beat
next year.

 I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country.  My report is correct
and true to the best of my knowledge.  I agree to be bound by the
decisions of the Awards Committee.

 Date _12-SEP-2000_   Signed _J. Scott Northcutt_  Call _N4JN_

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