[WWYC] Youngsters team in SAC

Markus Ilvonen, OH3RM oh3rm@sral.fi
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 11:19:50 +0300


the most important contest for scandinavians (or at least for finnish)
is Scandinavian Activy Contest. CW part is in the next weekend 16.-17.9.
12z-12z and SSB part 23.-24.9. 12z-12z. Rules for this contest can be
found in SM3CER Contest Service http://www.sk3bg.se/contest/sacnsc.htm

Toni OH2JTE, Juho OH5JOC and Markus OH3RM (average age is 19,6 years)
are active as OH1X in both parts. We try to beat "the old timers". In
our website you can see our setup. http://www.nic.fi/~mnsdxa/sac2000/

For those who work us in all five bands we give a special award. It
might be hard for overseas, so every one from outside of Europe who work
us at least in three bands will get a special award.

We need every QSO so if you heard OH1X work it!

Behalf of Youngsters team

Markus, OH3RM

Markus Ilvonen, OH3RM  Phone  +358 (0)9  562 5973 (work) 
Ahulinjärventie 210    GSM    +358 (0)50 585 7725 (home)
36200 KANGASALA        E-mail oh3rm@sral.fi
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