[WWYC] Tennessee QSO Party Sunday!

Scott Northcutt snorthcutt@mindspring.com
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 11:08:51 -0500

Hi gang.

If you're working on WAS and need Tennessee on one or more bands/modes,
this Sunday will be a golden opportunity for you.  The Tennessee QSO
Party will be happening from 1800z Sunday, September 17 until 0100z
Monday, September 18.  If you are a county hunter or know someone who
is, we'll have several mobile staions running through several of our
counties, including some of the rare ones where few or no hams live.  I
plan to be on using my call from home in the very un-rare Davidson
County with my old Kenwood TS-440 and 100 watts into a dipole 50-60 feet
(15-20m) up in the trees.

All the rules for our fine mini-contest (with suggested frequencies) are
Also on that page are last year's results.  I think that the top scorer
from each DXCC country gets a certificate.  YT7TY got one last year for
making 3 contacts, 3 mults for 9 (yes NINE!) points.  If you want some
wallpaper and you are having a hard time in making the Top Ten in CQ WW
or ARRL DX, here may be your chance!  Also, there is a Non-Tennessee
team competition - if several WWYCers contribute scores, that could mean
a certificate as well (and some good publicity with my home team, the
Tennessee Contest Group, http://www.k4ro.net/tcg.html ).

I hope to work some of you on Sunday.  If you can't hear me, listen for
W4CAT (where I play in the Big Ones).  They should have big signals on
all bands/modes from the multi-multi shack on Music Mountain in Sumner
County.  Play if you can!

73 all!

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