[WWYC] Fwd: [CCF] *First notice!*: The 7th International Contest/DX meeting in FINLAND, on 19-21 January, 2001!

Juho Salonen juho.salonen@nic.fi
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 18:53:34 +0300

Hello to all ! 

I wish you all yong contesters welcome to Tampere Finland in January!
If you want to know what ccf meeting is all about 
you can ask it also from me, oz1aa and oh3rm (vai mitä Markus?)

Also if you are on low budget we propably can arrange little bit cheaper
accommodation ;) (and again vai mitä Markus ?) ;)


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On 13.9.2000 at 10:53 Pasi Luoma-aho <pasi.luoma-aho@sysopen.fi> wrote:

>* The 7th International Contest / DX meeting in FINLAND, on 19-21
>January, 2001! *
>Dear fellow Contesters / DXers!   Welcome to mid-winter *tropic* in
>Contest Club Finland (CCF) is glad to once again call all the contesters
>/ DXers around the whole contesting / DXing world to come and join the
>great contesting / DXing company and atmosphere in the CCF’s 7th annual
>Contest / DX meeting, held on 19-21 January, 2001.
>Please book already now the weekend just before CQ 160m CW 2001 contest
>for visiting this  great and unforgettable contest / DX event!
>And why… here’s why:
>This time the meeting will be held in a *tropical* environment in
>Tampere Spa Hotel, about 150 km North of Helsinki.  If you have earlier
>been afraid of the possible low mid-January temperatures in these
>northern latitudes, we can guarantee you don’t have to worry about that
>this time – at least not too much. ;-)
>Come and enjoy the great contest / DX related presentations by world top
>class contesters / DXers, not to mention the excellent “rag-chewing”
>company of all the fellows so familiar to you from all those big
>pile-ups!   Last time we had already 40+ foreign visitors from CT, DL,
>ES, G, HA, JA, LA, OZ, UA, SM, W, YL and ZS, not to forget the 100+
>OH/OH0 contesters / DXers.
>This time we will again start with an enjoyable “gettogether” on
>evening.  Saturday will be our “day of presentations” (all in
>and when Saturday evening arrives - it’s “party time”!  Sunday is
>or less the day of getting back home, but depending on your
>time-schedules, possibly we can arrange some activities for you on
>Sunday, too.
>All the activities are planned to take place in the Tampere Spa Hotel.
>We will have a bigger “quota” of rooms to be reserved at Hotel
>Lapinkaari next door, about 150m from the Spa. Hotel Lapinkaari is a
>course-hotel with quite decent and reasonably priced rooms (around
>190-200,- FIM per person/night in a double-room, breakfast included).
>If you want something more special, you might consider the luxory
>apartments at the Spa Hotel.  There are lots of luxory apartment suites
>from 35m2 to 95m2, and we will have a quota of few apartments for 4-5
>people reserved also there.  Why don’t you take the whole family and/or
>some of your friends for a little weekend trip and let them enjoy the
>pools and baths for the whole weekend!
>The easiest way to reach Tampere from Europe and overseas is an
>airplane. There are five (5) daily SAS flights from Stockholm to Tampere
>on weekdays and vice versa.  The special SAS code for the CCF-meeting
>will be announced soon.
>More details of the meeting, agenda, accommodation, flights, prices,
>etc. will be announced later.  While you QRX, you can learn more of what
>to be expected by checking the last meeting’s agenda, some nice
>pictures, and the feedback received, on CCF’s home page:
>http://ccf.contesting.com .
>More info of the city of Tampere, Tampere Spa Hotel, and Hotel
>Lapinkaari, can be found on web :
>http://www.tampere.fi  (City of Tampere)
>http://www.tampereenkylpyla.fi  (Tampere Spa Hotel, )
>http://www.lapinkaari.com  (Hotel Lapinkaari / pages only in Finnish at
>the moment, sri)
>** IMPORTANT NOTE **:  If you happen to have some contest related
>stories or presentations you would like to share with us all, let us
>know!  The agenda is still quite “dynamic”. ;-)
>Please forward this and the coming information to your fellow contesters
>/ DXers via e-mail, www-pages, packet, bulletins, newsletters, qsos,
>“eye-ball”, etc.
>When you decide or even plan to join our meeting, let us know of you and
>your travel plans as soon as possible.
>73 & cu in FINLAND on 19-21 January, 2001!
>de Pasi OH2IW  -  Contest Club Finland (CCF)
>For more info, please e-mail to:  oh2iw@sral.fi
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>CW:  September 16, 1200 UTC to September 17, 1200 UTC
>SSB: September 23, 1200 UTC to September 24, 1200 UTC
>Rules : http://www.sk3bg.se/contest/sacnsc.htm   (Tnx SM3CER)
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>Submissions:              ccf@contesting.com
>Administrative requests:  ccf-REQUEST@contesting.com
>Problems:                 owner-ccf@contesting.com

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