Lee Volante lee@g0mtn.freeserve.co.uk
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 20:59:27 +0100

Hi all,

Had a better SAC SSB than expected - extremely good couple of hours to start
with, but trailed off with my poor antenna system for low bands :-(    Maybe
next year....     I was on for SAC CW too, but only with HF6V vertical.

Very happy to get lots of stations on 4 and 5 bands.   100% S+P.   Is is
possible to work any Scandinavians by calling CQ hi hi ?

          HF Contest Summary Sheet

Callsign:  G0MTN                      Total Claimed Score     36600

Contest Scandinavian Activity Contest 2000_______    Date 23/24 Sep 2000

Mode    SSB_________   Single/Multi Op  Single___    Section SO Low Power

Location   Birmingham UK_________________________

Contest Exchange (Zone, District:) 59+Serial_____

    SD V9.66 Copyright Paul O'Kane EI5DI 1990-2000   www.ei5di.com

Band         160m     80m     40m     20m     15m     10m    Total

SSB QSOs        0      42      41      98      85      39      305

SSB Points      0      42      41      98      85      39      305

SSB Mults       0      23      20      34      26      17      120

TX/RX      Kenwood TS850____________________________________

Power o/p  100w______

Antennas   3 el triaband yagi, long wire____________________

And then after the contest I popped onto the Internet and #CQDX and see Hrle
in the middle of CQ WW RTTY having lots of fun.  I decide to try to give him
a point but fail miserably !    Ended up with 178 QSOs of Search and

Time for a rest now,  see you !

73 de Lee G0MTN

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