[WWYC] IOTA and WAE CW Claimed Scores Out!

Hrvoje Horvat hrle@ipazin.net
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 20:30:37 +0200

Not many scores of WAE SSB that I see around but I managed to find out =
DH1TW made 2.2 millions in High Power section. I know 9A5Y was around 2 =
millions but I also know 9A5AGL lost last few hours of the contest as he =
had to go to school on monday morning.=20
Good battles again!

- To check IOTA claimed scores 2002 visit: www.rsgbhfcc.org . -=20

Non IOTA Section:
As I went a bit trough the scores I found best SO CW 24h HP score only =
950,000 points, while best SO CW 24h LP is 2,067,000. I scored almost =
1,900,000 and am 2nd in CW LP. Life sucks, I'm really not lucky with =
categories. I should've claim High Power result :-)
I found 9A5Y (9A5AGL op) with 4.4 millions in SO SSB 24h HP, and this is =
the winning score I'm sure.
Hard category to win was SO MIX 24h LP. Really a lot of logs came in =

IOTA Section:
There was a big battle between 9A stations to take a victory in hardest =
to get M/S HP category. I see 9A8RR 16 millions but is put in Single Op =
category. I think this is just a mistake, and 9A0A and 9A0R far back =
with 11 and 10 millions. Two or three times winners OH9A had no chance =
(without OH1NOA operating?) "Only" 8 Millions there :-)=20

Conclusion: 9A is a place to be in IOTA Contest

- WAE CW claimed score 2002 (yeah A MONTH after) are also out: =
www.waedc.de -

LY2TA behind YL8M keyboard was the only dude going over 2 millions and =
surely will end up as the winner after the log checking.=20
In low power big fight within WWYC lines. Tho' DH1TW didnt even send the =
log, he made excellent 709,000 points and YT7AW made 658,000 with his =
playing drums comitments that weekend. We would've take good part of the =
TOP 10 guys. This way I'm 3rd with 715,000 and YT7AW is 5th with =
658,000. Way ahead is LY9A with 1,000,000 points while the 2nd place is =
took by DL3NCI, only few kilos in front of out gang.=20
In multi single category number 1 goes to DL2NBU in front of RU1A.=20

This is only claim scores but last years showed this score about the =
same as the final scores. We'll see if something changed this year.

CU in RYRYRYRYRY contest!

73 to All!
Hrle - 9A6XX

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