[WWYC] WAE SSB 9A7P (9A6XX) Single OP LP

Luc PY8AZT py8azt@uirapuru.org
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 10:19:58 -0300

I made 545 QSO in 24 hours. Last day I got sick and had no way to go ahead.
Tnx for all European QSOs. Qas I great fun time.

73, Luc

------ Hrvoje Horvat Wrote about  [WWYC] WAE SSB 9A7P (9A6XX) Single OP LP
on  16/9/2002  18:08 ------

|Hey folks!
|Unexpected but had quite fun in WAE this weekend. You should be sorry for
|that. We got first serious 10m opening for a contest and... hard to admit
|but did I say I had fun in a SSB contest?
|WWYCers in log: PY8AZT, LW9DA and NR3X on the DX side on couple of bands.
|the Europe side I heard 9A5Y and DH1TW A LOT. I wonder who ended better on
|the end?! I talked to 9A5Y a lot on CLX and he was damn good. I hope Toby
|has been doing some QTC work.
|Also got 9A2RD, DJ9AO, LZ1ABC in my QTCs as well as M2Z heard loud on many
|9A5AEI was active in VHF contest 9A5AGL and DJ1YFK talked about as 9A7L
|They've made 340 qsos and 130,000 points. Their comment is that there was
|good DL activity. They also didnt work much OK stations which is not case
|other contests. 0 qsos over 1000 km, and usually that kind of qsos gets
|System used: 12 ele. DK7ZB and 300W amp. (I think?!)
|Location they took contest from is right around 300-400m above the sea and
|on 100m you can actually touch the sea. It's like a bigger hill right
|the sea. Beside that you can watch EU136 and one of the larger craotian
|towns; Rijeka.
|I hope we'll be on air for CQWW RTTY as M/S LP from 9A1P. Anyone else?
|                    WAE DX Contest, SSB
|Call: 9A7P
|Operator(s): 9A6XX
|Station: 9A7P
|Class: Single Op LP
|QTH: Peninsula Istra
|Operating Time (hrs): 36
| Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
|   80:   10     0    40
|   40:   37    42    69
|   20:  162   274   114
|   15:  217   528   130
|   10:  317   591   124
|Total:  743  1435   477  Total Score = 1,038,906
|Club: WWYC Croatia
|2L QUAD (20/15/10) + dipoles 40/80m.
|Oh boy! Mamma I got myself a million!
|Not bad for a !SSB! contest.
|This time it was pure fun. No software problems and CLX worked great (not
|single disconnect or CT crash in 48 hrs), WX was fantastic and condx
|be good. In one word - contesting.
|- 80m - overall sucked with on my dipole, only US that got my sig was K4JA
|sigs/ears on all 6 bands guys).
|- 40m - couldnt break on 9K9X, PY1NX, ZX2B, P43E, VE1ZJ.. all very nice
|CK3KZ + 4 US stations back on my split CQ (didnt expected any comebacks
|Saturday night had good NA Sprinters signals on 40m.
|- 20m and 15m in standardly good shape and 10m finnaly made to open.
|Never heard VK/ZL with such a loud signals on 20-10m and 10m was open all
|way to west US coast.
|Thanks a million for all the QTCs. Big thanks to VE3FWA and NR3X that
|came back just to give me QTCs. Such guys are rare, all other 1415 QTCs
|of begging. Expections to the guys I know, pals had mercy on me.
|WAE RTTY left to complete the WAE psyho session.
|Hrle - 9A6XX (9A7P)
|ex.9A6NHH (19yrs)
|WWYC mailing list

73 de Luc, PY8AZT

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