[WWYC] WAE SSB 9A7P (9A6XX) Single OP LP

Hrvoje Horvat hrle@ipazin.net
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 18:08:26 +0200

Hey folks!
Unexpected but had quite fun in WAE this weekend. You should be sorry for
that. We got first serious 10m opening for a contest and... hard to admit
but did I say I had fun in a SSB contest?
WWYCers in log: PY8AZT, LW9DA and NR3X on the DX side on couple of bands. On
the Europe side I heard 9A5Y and DH1TW A LOT. I wonder who ended better on
the end?! I talked to 9A5Y a lot on CLX and he was damn good. I hope Toby
has been doing some QTC work.
Also got 9A2RD, DJ9AO, LZ1ABC in my QTCs as well as M2Z heard loud on many

9A5AEI was active in VHF contest 9A5AGL and DJ1YFK talked about as 9A7L M/S.
They've made 340 qsos and 130,000 points. Their comment is that there was
good DL activity. They also didnt work much OK stations which is not case in
other contests. 0 qsos over 1000 km, and usually that kind of qsos gets
System used: 12 ele. DK7ZB and 300W amp. (I think?!)
Location they took contest from is right around 300-400m above the sea and
on 100m you can actually touch the sea. It's like a bigger hill right above
the sea. Beside that you can watch EU136 and one of the larger craotian
towns; Rijeka.

I hope we'll be on air for CQWW RTTY as M/S LP from 9A1P. Anyone else?

                    WAE DX Contest, SSB

Call: 9A7P
Operator(s): 9A6XX
Station: 9A7P

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Peninsula Istra
Operating Time (hrs): 36

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:   10     0    40
   40:   37    42    69
   20:  162   274   114
   15:  217   528   130
   10:  317   591   124
Total:  743  1435   477  Total Score = 1,038,906

Club: WWYC Croatia


2L QUAD (20/15/10) + dipoles 40/80m.

Oh boy! Mamma I got myself a million!
Not bad for a !SSB! contest.
This time it was pure fun. No software problems and CLX worked great (not a
single disconnect or CT crash in 48 hrs), WX was fantastic and condx seemed
be good. In one word - contesting.
- 80m - overall sucked with on my dipole, only US that got my sig was K4JA
sigs/ears on all 6 bands guys).
- 40m - couldnt break on 9K9X, PY1NX, ZX2B, P43E, VE1ZJ.. all very nice
CK3KZ + 4 US stations back on my split CQ (didnt expected any comebacks
Saturday night had good NA Sprinters signals on 40m.
- 20m and 15m in standardly good shape and 10m finnaly made to open.
Never heard VK/ZL with such a loud signals on 20-10m and 10m was open all
way to west US coast.

Thanks a million for all the QTCs. Big thanks to VE3FWA and NR3X that
came back just to give me QTCs. Such guys are rare, all other 1415 QTCs was
of begging. Expections to the guys I know, pals had mercy on me.

WAE RTTY left to complete the WAE psyho session.

Hrle - 9A6XX (9A7P)
ex.9A6NHH (19yrs)