[WWYC] Dupe in cabrillo!

Csaba NAGY HA3LN ha3ln at freemail.hu
Tue Nov 30 04:44:17 EST 2004

Hi Guys,

I'm just preparing the log for the wwcw contest 
and I have a question.

- For example I make a QSO with AB1D at 10.00 UT.
- I logged it... QSO completed... OK!
- After a while AB1D call me again at 10.30 UT.
- I send him QSO B4.
- He says no qso before/NIL.
- OK, I log him again but CT marked as dupe.

My question is how can I mark that the first qso 
with a stn is count as nothing (0 point) and the 
second "marked as dupe" qso is the valid!

Only need to mark the first qso with 0 point and 
leave the second one with 1 or 3 point(s)???
As I read on the web the logchecking procedure 
will do this marking stuff but in this way I'll 
lose point if the NIL QSO will be the valid.

I'd like to avoid the point deductions.

Thanks for the help!

Csaba HA3LN / HG3G	...9A9D info soon

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