[WWYC] How to get to the place - WWYC meeting.

Donata Gierczycka sp5hnk at wp.pl
Sat Aug 13 11:51:07 EDT 2005

How to reach the place by car:
- coming to Darlowo, please follow the signs "Darlowko Wschodnie" (name of the tourist district, where our hotel is located) and "Park Wodny Jan" (aquapark - close to our place). You will drive along Conrada street, after a few kilometres you turn right to Slowianska street. Go straigt forward and turn right to Piastowska street. Our hotel - "Laguna" - is right there, on the corner of Slowianska and Piastowska. "WWYC" signs will show you the way if nobody steals them :).

There are two buildings covered with white siding. If you see the antennas on the roof - that's the right place :). Leave your car on the parking and come to the bigger building, where the reception desk is located ("recepcja"). We'll wait there for you. 

- coming by train/bus - let me know the exact time and place of your coming  - Slawno or Darlowo. We'll send our drivers to pick you up :).

At the reception desk you will get the key and time to take your luggage upstairs, find money and come back to pay for stay, T-shirt, bus tour and organisation. You will get your namebadge, T-shirt and folder with some basic info then. If it's possible - pay in zloty (PLN), as our banks don't exchange coins and if you pay in EUR, we will have to round the costs a bit (3-4 EUR). If you come w/o any insurance - there will be a list, where you can sign for it. Insurance will be fixed Friday morning.  

Me and two other YLs to help me, we'll be at the reception desk on Thursday all day long, up to the official opening at 20:00. If you come after this hour, come to the opening first. (the smaller building, in the dining room - "jadalnia").

Nice interactive map of Darlowo is available on www.mapa.darlowo.info. To find our hotel - click "Znajdz nocleg", then "Osrodki wczasowe" and find "Laguna" on the list. Zooming in and out you will learn more about the route :).

OK, that's it. If you have any questions more - let me know. Just a few days left. Drive safely and see you soon... bring some sunshine with you :).

73, HNK

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