[WWYC] IRC QSOs and Self Spotting

Dave Mueller N2NL n2nl at n2nl.net
Sat Aug 13 22:03:04 EDT 2005

     I hate to act like a big brother here, but I've noticed a lot of 
self-spotting and even some "Log me on this band" happening in the #WWYC 
chat room lately.  I'm not going to point fingers, but if you are 
frequently logged onto the channel, you have most likely seen it 
happen.  If you are one of the few people doing this - just be aware 
that it is against the rules!
    Self spotting or soliciting for a spot on the DX cluster is 
prohibited!  This is regardless of whether or not you are a single op, 
assisted, or even part of a multi op.  Comments like "Please spot me on 
7011" or even "I'm on 14025" contradict with the rules and are against 
the spirit of competition.  I'm not even going to discuss the "Just put 
me on the log" comments.

    To answer your questions before you ask them, here's a short FAQ:

    -"I'm not competitive.  It won't hurt anything to do this once or 
twice".  Somewhere out there is some new contester, busting his ass, 
following the rules, and trying to legitimately work people with his 
clothesline antenna.  You're hurting him.

    -"I've only done it a couple times.  It won't make a difference".  
Contests have become increasingly competitive, with top scores separated 
by less than a percent.  2 or 3 QSOs can definitely make a difference 
between first and second place.

    -"WWYC is a small channel.  No harm is done".  It's against the 
rules to solicit for a QSO or to receive any outside assistance in the 
single operator, unassisted category.   If it's OK to do it in WWYC, 
where do you propose to draw the line?  What if the DARC had an IRC 
channel with 200 or 300 members logged on.  Lets say that DL1AAA 
announces his frequency and works 40 guys.  If it's OK to do it in WWYC, 
when would it be considered not OK?

    -"I'm just announcing my frequency.  No one in the WWYC room worked 
me".  Still, you are possibly offering assistance to someone else in the 
room.  Just by saying you're on 40 meters, working so-and-so, offers 
insight to other WWYCers who might be competing.  Lets say someone else 
was on 20 meters not working anyone.  Seeing your announcement just gave 
him a tip that maybe he should move to 40.  This is OK if all parties 
are in a multi-op category, but not if you are single op, unassisted.

    Again, I don't want to be a party-pooper.  The #WWYC chat channel 
can be fun and help pass the time.  Just be aware of what you're doing, 
and who might be watching.  The WWYC has turned a lot of heads in the 
contesting community over the past couple years.  Make sure notice is 
given for positive things, not negative.

    Just remember, if you are playing around in the #WWYC channel during 
a contest, you're losing.  Better to focus your efforts on the contest 
and working people on a 2nd radio and use the channel to brag about your 
results after the contest has finished.

73, Dave N2NL/6

PS - Once again, this is not pointed at any one individual.  If you 
think this is a personal attack toward you, then I'm sorry I came across 
that way.  I just moved to California, so no one can hear me (and choose 
not to work me) from out here anyway :)

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