[Yaesu] MP "spurs" on Top Band ????

Billy W. Cox aa4nu@ix.netcom.com
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 03:05:28 -0800

Dennis Andrews wrote:
> I have a 1000MP serial number 6D070234 and can confirm that the top band spurious problem DOES exist.
> A careful check on a separate TS-830 with the 1000MP running barefoot, shows that between 1820 and around 1830 there is a spurious output. The separation from the main frequency gets greater as you go up the band:
>                       Main                   Spurious
>                       1820                   1824
>                       1821                   1826
>                       1822                   1828
>                       1823                   1830
>                       1824                   1832
>                       1825                   1834
>                       1826                   1836
> So for one khz change on the fundamental, the spurious moves by 2khz. The strength of the spurious varies and is strongest around 1822/1828 as mentioned in other submissions.
> Incidentally, my 1000MP, as delivered, would not transmit below 1830 and gave the 'Off-Band' indication. It is necessary to run it in either general coverage TX mode or 'USA mode' in order to activate the TX below 1830. Was this a simplistic answer to a Yaesu recognised problem??
> Dennis Andrews, G3MXJ..

Hi Dennis ...

SRI to hear about the prob ... How far down from the main signal is
the 'spur' there ? BTW, both of mine are set for general coverage so
that I can use them with transverters soon ... How old is your MP ?

What has Yaesu-Europe said about this to date ? I think this is all
new-news to users over here ... So far it's been EU owners ... wonder
if there are any differences in the rigs between those imported to
the EU market and those imported to the USA market ?

To date Yaesu seems to have responded well to owner problems, let's
see what they say on this ... (Wonder if THEY view these posts ???)

73 Bill AA4NU

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