[Yaesu] FT1000 Fan Noise

Don Gaikins don_gaikins@partyline.net
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 20:21:43 -0600

They all do that Jim.  There is nothing wrong with your new rig.  I had the
same thought when mine was new.  You tend to get used to it quite quickly.


At 06:35 PM 11/3/96 -0800, James M. wrote:
>Just bought a new FT-1000D.  I notice now that the temperature
>controlled fan seems to be quite audible compared to other rigs with
>internal fans.  Distinctive buzzing noise as it speeds up and stops.  Is
>this par for the course with Yaesu 1000D or can it be fixed.  Relly
>detracts from an otherwise excellent (and costly) radio.  Any
>Jim N4BE
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Don Gaikins

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