[Yaesu] FT990 + AEA Hamlink

Richard Harel - Tel:6086 Pager: 3/1587 RHAREL@f8maf1.jer.intel.com
Mon, 18 Nov 96 22:46:26 PST

After operating my FT-990 remote control for the past 3 years, this week I
changed the radio with an Icom IC-735 and noticed a very interesting thing.
The HamLink unit communicates much faster with the '735 than the '990.
On the '990, every time I would send a DTMF to the CAT system, it would
'think' for about 3 seconds before responding. On the '735 it's immediate.
Another nice thing about using AEA's HamLink with the '735 now is that I'm 
able to scan between a lower and upper limit (In my case, I scan from 14.150
- 14.350). The '990 did not have that feature.
The remote system is located about 25 Km's west of Jerusalem. It's a great 
system for me since I live in a building with antenna restrictions and the
remote controlled station is in a great location with a 4 el. KLM @45'.
In any event, it's nice to have my '990 back on the desk where it's more

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